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You can connect to Microsoft certified engineer in less than 45 seconds.


What package do I need for my home PC?

We have a variety of packages available to suit your needs. You can compare our packages on our website or give our Technical Services team a call and they will happy to help you decide which package to choose.

Can you support my smartphone handset?

We can provide support to Iphone, Blackberrys and other makes and models for a variety of issues. If you would like to know more please contact our sales team today.

What I need to get before you can help me to solve my problem?

You just need to have an internet connection for your pc or laptop and leave the rest to us.

What if my internet is slow?

Not a problem! we are able to work on any internet connection speed. A slower internet connection means that the repairing session may last slightly longer.

Do you help to remove viruses/spams?

Our Microsoft Certified Engineers have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience behind them. This allows them to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

How will Fix Logics team fix my problem?

Our Microsoft Certified Engineers will dial into your PC otherwise known as remotely accessing your PC using reliable remote software and resolve any issues while you watch.

Will my privacy, sensitive data and files remain secure?

We only dial into your computer when you request us to do so. Our remote software are 100% tested and secure and does not let anybody into your computer until you provide with the secure code generated by the remote software at start of each session.

Are there any additional charges for your services?

No, we only charge an annual package price which covers you for unlimited support 24/7. If there are any extra costs involved, we will advise you prior to the repair.

Is your work guaranteed?

We give 14 days money back guarantee to our customers. For further details see our Refund Policy.

Do you provide internet or any hardware?

No, we do not provide any internet services or hardware under any package.


We accepting all major cards